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e-JOBS APP Franchising

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More Information

Ideal for Professional HEADHUNTERS to achieve economy-of-scale.

FREE Membership

  • Post unlimited Job-Ads free of charge, distributed through the e-JOBS APP, your own website and all other websites within our network of advisory firms.
  • All Job-Ads can be dispatched by yourself, free of charge, to the Job-Board aggregators of Google for Jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor, TROVIT, and the paid job-section of LinkedIn – but, free of charge.
  • You can dispatch Job-Ads for free to the Social Media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Free GDPR compliance training & supervision and online support.
  • And, on top, and automated Applicants Admin & Correspondence System!

What do you need?

  • Gain a full and clear understanding of the various products and services on offer, and how they differentiate from one another.
  • The ability to engage directly and through Social Media with mutual clients and our network in a swift and proactive fashion, during mid-week business hours (same-day reply minimum).
  • A licensed computer, a cell-phone with e-mail capacity, and a printer/scanner.
  • A licensed Microsoft-package, and a paid Firewall, Dropbox and Grammarly subscription.

Your Obligations

  • Study the General Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy, agree and comply with these, and apply „Best-Practice“ in recruitment, by being committed, honourable, and trustworthy.
  • Complete the initial free GDPR compliance training and keep up-to-date with GDPR compliance and new services, trained for free each quarter.
  • When you have a website, place the free Job-Widget showing all its published jobs.
  • 30% provision on the collected fee, upon successful placement of an Executive Search assignment by yourself.

White Label Referrals

  • You don't want to do the recruitment yourself, but only offer Executive Search services to your clients? We can offer this white-label, meaning you offer the service in your name whereby we do all the work.
  • For each successfully placed Executive Search, you earn 10% commission on the collected success fee.
  • The basis for such cooperation is uncompromising trust and engaging communication, while we limit this service to professional advisory firms only

Paid Membership 

Connectivity to premium paid Job-Boards, Job-Ad Distribution to Hotel Schools, and a lot more…

  • START-UP HEADHUNTER. Access to the entire e-JOBS APP CV Database, Job-Ads are published in your company name and with your company logo, correspondence with applicants is in your company name, and a choice of your own company Job-Widget listing only your jobs or a Job-Widget showing all of the network jobs - published on your own website.
  • PROFESSIONAL HEADHUNTER: All of the same, but your own exclusive CV Database and your own company Job-Widget.


  • START-UP HEADHUNTER. 15% provision on the collected fee, upon successful placement of an Executive Search assignment by yourself; on top of a fixed fee of € 139 per month (exclusive of VAT) per annual subscription paid in advance per year including unlimited Job-Ads.
  • PROFESSIONAL HEADHUNTER: Free-of-commission on successfully placed Executive Searches when increasing the monthly fee to € 400 per month (exclusive of VAT), payable in advance per year.
  • When using paid Job-Boards, the cost as charged by the Job-Board plus an interface charge of € 9,63 per Job-Ad/Job-Board is payable in addition.

Please, get in touch with us for more information

The e-JOBS APP is operated by Gransier & Associates, which is a Business Advisory firm based in Vienna, Austria. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we may assist you. Call us on +43-1-548-4381, or click here to contact us through this website.