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B2B - e-JOBS APP Support

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More Information

The e-JOBS APP is powered by Talent Clue - an online provider of recruitment technology.


Login to your account:

  • Use the Google Chrome browser, for a best-use experience. Do not use Microsoft Explorer!
  • Visit www.e-jobsapp.com, and go to the top screen where is written Talent Clue Login. Click on this link, and log in to your account by providing your User ID (your-email) and your Password.

Online Help Desk

In the case of a technical issue with the e-JOBS APP, please contact the online Talent Clue Help Desk.

  • Go to your Talent Clue account, and click on the blue icon (Smiley Page) below on the right of your screen.
  • Online Support is provided weekdays during business hours, Central European Time (CET) - except for public holidays.
  • A representative of Talent Clue will respond within the day.

In addition, for questions about your contract and payment please get in touch with Gransier & Associates, which is the company operating the e-JOBS APP. E-mail: Click hereTelephone: +43-1-548-4381. 

Training & Onboarding

Click here to schedule with us an appointment for your onboarding.
During a personal video-call, we help you to get started!

We start off by asking you some basic questions to know you better.

  • What type of positions do you require filling, both regularly and sporadic?
  • Is the hiring focus of local, regional, or international candidates. Are you seeking experienced professionals at a high salary or youngsters seeking their first or second job in their career?
  • Which nationalities can be considered and from which passports not? Which countries or regions are in focus?
  • What is the offering, both contract duration, salary guideline, and benefits; and are these competitive in comparison with your competitors?

We explain in detail how you can successfully apply the e-JOBS APP.

  • We explain what is the difference between the e-JOBS APP, White Label Recruiter and an Executive Search.
  • What is an e-JOBS PROMO?
  • We explain to you about GDPR Basics, General Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy. Your business is not located in the EU? If so, GDPR still applies to you when making use of the e-JOBS APP - we explain why, and what you need to do.
  • We create your first User account together with you (further Users can be added for subscribers of an upgraded license).

  • How to create a career page with a job widget?
  • Why not simply use 1 paid job-board, instead of multi-posting on so many job-boards?
  • How to post jobs to free aggregator job-boards and social media?
  • How to write a job-ad for optimal distribution through Job-Ad aggregators?
  • How to multiply job-ads on aggregator Job-Boards for a different region?
  • How to refresh job-postings on free aggregator job-boards?

FREE Job Boards & Social Media

Minimum selection of Job-Boards and Social Media

  • Upgraded subscribers who are located in Austria can also post their Job Ads, FREE of charge to the Unemployment Office (AMS) for nationwide distribution.
  • When posting a Job Ad, make sure to select all the following FREE Job Boards: Google for Jobs, Indeed, Glassdoor and Jooble. 
  • When you publish the Job Ads also with a salary indication, then you may also choose TROVIT.
  • Also, post your Job Ads to your LinkedIn and Facebook pages, Twitter account, and of course to your Job Widget (the latter only for upgraded subscribers).

You do not incur any cost for this distribution of Job Ads to these Job Boards and Social Media channels.

PAID Job Boards

Each and every paid Job Board can be connected to. If you do not find the paid Job Board you like to work with, then let us know and we will set it up for you.

  • Select from the menu of paid Job-Boards which ones you like to work with.
  • You must then create an account on the website of the chosen paid Job Board; once you have received their login-details you can post your Job-Ad via the e-JOBS APP. 
  • When you select a Job-Board listed under "My Private Channels" then e-JOBS APP will mail you an invoice for payment first, which you can pay online by credit card, or via bank transfer.

  • Colleges and Universities can be added for distribution, simply let us know which ones you like to work with. A fee of € 99,00 excl. VAT applies per Job Ad. e-JOBS APP will mail you an invoice for payment first, which you can pay online by credit card, or via bank transfer.
  • Upon request, Clients can ask for a JOB PROMO, to promote their Job Ad to each candidate in the entire E-JOBS APP CV Database, which matches the required keywords. A fee of € 99,00 excl. VAT applies per Job Promo. e-JOBS APP will mail you an invoice for payment first, which you can pay online by credit card, or via bank transfer.

Upgraded Services

  • White Label Recruiter: We manage all your search campaigns ongoing on your behalf; all you need to do is review the shortlist and hire. Available per quarter up to 1-year.
  • Executive Search: Do you need to find the "Needle in the Haystack", just once only? Ask us to provide you with a single Ad-Hoc Executive Search for Top Management.


Please, get in touch with us for more information

The e-JOBS APP is operated by Gransier & Associates, which is a Business Advisory firm based in Vienna, Austria. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and how we may assist you. Call us on +43-1-548-4381, or click here to contact us through this website.